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It’s long believed that color is a strong determinant of human personality, behavior, and emotions. That’s why color psychology studies how we respond to them in terms of food, medicine, living spaces, comfort level, and inherent personality and inclinations.

Although there are lots of variables to take into consideration when using color psychology, it is continuously used in marketing and branding. 

That's because their preferences differ based on orientation, gender, and age. Ask anyone designing a home, retail outlet, business, or designing marketing collateral, or working on corporate identities and they’ll tell you that color helps form perception, first impressions, purchasing behavior, and overall impression of a company or brand.

Colors are also important factors for the designing of stores, restaurants, window displays, and retail outlets. They help create an environment that brings about the best shopping experiences.  

While it is true that color psychology needs a tad more research and substantiated evidence, we can still use color codes and themes for decision-making and increase the comfort level of our customers while shopping in our store. 

If you’re trying to design a store, your home, or room, consider looking towards your Zodiac sign for help. It’s an overall simplified technique to make decisions easier.

Colors for Capricorn

When it comes to keeping things together, being organized, ambitious, practical, and hustling, no other sign can beat a Capricorn. Some might say that Capricorn people tend to be very financially intelligent. To get there, they don’t mind putting on the hard hat. 

That is why the color code for Capricorn is, to no one’s surprise, is grey. It’s practically one of the most neutral and unprovocative colors there is in the color wheel. It is timeless, traditional, and down-to-earth. 

Since Capricorn is also rather reserved and traditional in their views, smoky grey bodes well with them.

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Color for Aquarius

People born under the Aquarius Zodiac sign tend to be labeled as aggressive, progressive, independent, unique, sometimes easily bored, original, and eccentric. 

For one, Aquarius needs a lot of mental stimulation and alone time. Because of a barrage of mental stimulation they get throughout the day, they may become withdrawn with overstimulated and sink into their comfort zone to recharge. Once they are in their zone, it’s hard to get them out. And when they’re caught in the spotlight, they might not like it, but they’ll thrive somehow. 

Because of how eccentric they can be sometimes, coral pink might just help the Aquarian along. Other colors suitable for Aquarius are violet and navy blue.

Color of Pisces

The Piscean is creative, empathetic, generous, overly emotional, impressionable, and sometimes closed off. With that said, they’re also very imaginative and have a deep love for the arts and romance. Sometimes, they’ll have their heads in the clouds and need some grounding.  

And that is why Piscean will feel suitably comfortable in a store or room made up of calming blue and invigorating cobalt blue both of which have a cozy and relaxing vibe. 

Other colors Pisces may like include darker shades of green like aquamarine.

Colors for Aries

The Aries personality is pretty close to its other fellow fire signs, Leo and Sagittarius, in that they’re easily motivated, passionate, and can become effective leaders of communities. They’re with less fanfare and drama, are uncomplicated, and employ a very direct approach for quick resolution. 

Many Aries perform optimally when they’re surrounded by vibrant red or orange. It fires up their imagination and thinks of the color as a form of a personal statement. So, if you’re designing the interior of a store, retail outlet, bedroom, home, or office for an Aries, you can’t go wrong with the color red or orange.

Colors for Taurus

As stubborn and independent as people think Taurus is, they’re also the kind of people who are stable, reliable, and full of strength. Designers in the field tend to want to create an environment where a Taurus can relax and unwind, especially with the warmer colors of blue and relaxing hues of green. 

It comes as a bit of a surprise that neutral green reminiscent of nature and earthy tones bode well with Taurus. The reason can be simple - they can be fierce in the office but extremely gentle and loving when in their comfort zones.

Colors for Gemini

A Gemini possesses personality traits that may clash with each other because they have two different sides to present to the world. They’re, after all, represented by the Twins, Castor and Pollux. 

Geminis are generally very curious people who are affectionate and kind, quick-witted, humorous, like to look on the bright side of things, and energetic in the pursuit of their life goals. This makes them highly adaptable in many different situations, depending on what is required of them.  

Designers think that the color yellow is a great match for this versatile personality type.

Color for Cancer

Amongst all of the Zodiac signs mentioned, none is as much of a homebody as the Cancer sign. They seek out loyalty, commitment, and emotional connection. Is it, then, any wonder that Cancer family members and friends are some of the most loving and protective signs in the Zodiac paradigm? 

Since they’re represented by the crab, Cancers are also known to retreat deep into their shells when they are not comfortable or are in need of some reflections. They’re not really into large groups. 

Designers think that the color peach to be the perfect color for Cancerians.

Color for Leo

They may be labeled the Kings and Queens of the jungle but people under this Zodiac sign possess one of the broadest and most creative minds there is. Many consider people under this sign as natural stars of the show because of their charisma and charming disposition.

Although they love dramatics, theatrics, and creativity, you’ll also find them encouraging others to do the same.  

There are two camps when it comes to finding the right color for Leos - one is purple which is the color of royalty and calmness; the other is dark orange, a head-turning color.

Color for Virgo

Virgo people are very down-to-earth, logical, practical, and systematic in their approach to both work and personal life. They want things perfect...or as perfect as possible. They can power through all kinds of distractions around them in order to pay incredible attention to detail and master plans. 

They have a very deep analytic mind and it’s something not a lot of others belonging to other Zodiac signs can compare with. 

The right color for Virgo includes subtle pink like blush and pastel pink which grounds the Virgo coupled with earthy tone furniture and paint.

Color for Libra

Libra is all for love, beauty, community, money, art, intelligence, and connoisseurship. They have exquisite taste for things which makes them great designers, decorators, art critics, and stylists. 

When it comes to home and work, they prefer harmony as opposed to drama and debates. That is, perhaps, why they work very well with others around them. 

One of the best colors to use when designing a retail outlet, store, office or home for a Libra is pastel or baby blue. Other colors you can consider using include pistachio, page aqua, lavender, and peach.

Color for Scorpio

If you think Leos can be overbearing, loud, and overconfident, Scorpions will give them a run for their money. They have magnetic personalities, are passionate about what makes them tick, and love to boast about them. 

On the other hand, Scorpions are also highly transformational, emotional, and intense. They’re soulful and can form deep connections with friends and lovers alike because of their easy demonstration of depth, understanding, empathy, and ability to brighten up just about anyone’s day with their enigmatic nature. 

The colors for them would be black, maroon, burgundy, and maybe even straight-up blood red. If you can tie these colors up with metallic furniture, ornaments, or decor, it will be perfect for the Scorpion.

Color for Sagittarius

Sagittarius is all about getting on adventures, being funny, being fair, being honest, and spontaneity. Life with a Sagittarius is never the same from day to day because they’re usually a ball of energy and a bucket of fun. 

There isn’t one comfort zone for the Sagittarius because they can make anything or turn anywhere into a comfort zone for them and the people around them. Designers are torn between using the colors purple, dark blue, and burnt orange for the Sagittarius people. 

So, depending on the people you’re designing the store, retail outlet, business, home, or bedroom for, ask them if they prefer either one of the colors before deciding on a color theme.

While deliberating the color theme for the design of your retail outlet, store, new office building, home, living room, bedroom, or your kids’ rooms, remember to also take into account the personal preferences of the person who will be using or walking into the space. 

Neutral colors are often best when you’re undecided or would like to appeal to a larger base of customers. And that’s fine too. So long as the color theme you decide on is reflective of your brand image and provides a comfortable shopping experience for your customers, it’s really all that matters. 

If you need advice on how to decorate or firm up the design of your store with practical, space-saving, lightweight, affordable shelving and display systems, look us up at or where there’s loads of information. 

You can also give us a call at +603-61566222, email us at, or pop by our showroom in Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia for a quick lookaround. We are always ready to help you make the best decision possible for your retail outlet. 

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Brick-and-Mortar businesses have been milking their window displays for the money with the half-openings and sudden lockdowns throughout 2020. It’s still hard to predict anything. 

Every once in a while when we’re out mall crawling with family and friends or enjoying an indoor sojourn, we find ourselves stopped in our tracks by a window display. Other times, we walk past them with nothing more than just a nonchalant glance.

Big businesses know it - we have that few seconds to capture and HOLD a potential buyer’s attention as they saunter past our stores. Lord & Taylor of New York City has more than half a million people walk past its window displays every single day, so what chances do we have to beat their record? 

Possibly close to none so, we’re not even going down that route. However, the good news is that we’re not Lord & Taylor, nor are we Macy’s or Calvin Klein.

Dressing Up Our Stores For The Right Customers

We don’t have to decorate our window displays to the T for every customer or person walking by. That’s not the deal. Both potential customers and the wrong target market are known to be distracted bunch. 

They are in the malls either:

  1. On a mission to get something really quickly
  2. Distracted by their smartphones
  3. In conversation with the people they are out with
  4. In a hurry
  5. Not interested

The whole point of doing window decoration right is to be in the right place, using the right kind of decoration (marketing tactic), attract the attention of the right kind of people, and create a good first impression

According to NPD Group’s research, window displays have a huge role to play in a consumer’s decision-making process. On average, 24% of the time, consumers reveal that window displays were taken into consideration at the checkout counter. 

They bring in new and enthusiastic customers who have a certain level of interest in your products or services, increase footfall in your retail store, highlight new products/promotions, and enhance the brand’s image.

Finding Inspiration for Attractive Retail Outlet Window Displays

With the internet, it’s practically a walk in the park finding window display inspiration. There’s Pinterest. There’s Instagram. Even Mega online shopping platforms like Shopify published an article with tips on how to rock your window display

A good piece of advice is to keep a tab on your favorite retail window displays in a special folder on your computer (with links and images for easy reference), phone, thumb drive, or you can even straight up print it out and keep it in your dream display folder.

Whatever floats your boat.

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Just remember to put your own twist on the designs and combine concepts and themes. Some brick-and-mortar retail outlets, in an effort to attract Christmas shoppers, went the extra mile to use technology like QR Codes and Augmented Reality

Other important aspects to take into consideration while redecorating or redesigning your retail outlet is the store layout, aisle design, and shelf design. After capturing the attention of your potential customer, the layout and design of your store will bring them on a shopping journey.

So, it matters whether the window display complements the store’s grid design layout, curving/looping/racetrack store layout, free-flow design, spring layout design, or herringbone layout.

Using the Window Display to Create an Experience

The conventional or traditional use of the window display is for posters promoting new products, sales, and offers. Things have changed together with trends and technology

For instance, many stores now use scannable QR Codes to break the fourth wall (a popular trend also seen in movies) and Augmented Reality. Breaking the fourth wall is inviting potential customers to go on a more immersive experience presented by the window display. 

One popular branded clothing retailer used window displays to create moments, stories, or showcase videos and social media posts.

These show-stealer window displays work better with the younger audience. 

So, if that is your target demographic too, put it into your marketing playbook. The younger generation is not only a tech-savvy bunch of shoppers, they’re all-too-familiar with the nuances of the internet. They demand better engagement and personalized experiences 

That’s why a more experiential window display that brings life to the retail outlet works better with them.

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Remember Not to Sacrifice Clarity for Creativity

Creativity might work wonderfully if you’ve established yourself as a brand. The same level of creativity might work for brands like Nike or Dell but not a novice brand. The window display has the job of attracting attention but it must immediately convey the message and deliver the experience

What’s the use of catching the eye of potential buyers when they get confused with the display?

A combination of props and products make your creative window displays work. If you’re trying to highlight how natural your products are to the consumers, design the window display in such a way that resonates with them. Information or teasers about what they are interested in should be instantly available; you can do this by placing relevant products, samples, leaflets, or posters next to the window displays. 

On top of the extra eyeballs you want to generate, don’t forget about the walk-ins and shopping experiences.

Making a Statement with your Window Displays

If your brand or company has a brand statement and you want your display to work its magic, you can take a page from Saks Fifth Avenue x Vetements’ window displays. Its display, at one point, was nothing more than a reflection of a teenager’s room piled high with dirty laundry. 

It may sound crazy since Saks Fifth Avenue is known for its elaborate and well thought out window displays. The deal was they were trying to raise awareness when they collaborated with French design collective, Vetements, to make a statement about sustainability and raise awareness about the impact of fast fashion.  

When a consumer is walking past, he/she might be left a little befuddled and confused about the huge (and growing) pile of clothes at the window display. But with the right statement or poster, the statement will stick its landing, especially when it was done for a good cause.

So, if your business supports a good cause, use the window display to highlight it and boost your brand’s image.

Window Displays that Knocks it Out of the Ball Park

When your potential customers are people who are essentially deep-pocketed and prefer to spend money on quality products, you need to spend on window displays that impress them. You’ve got to meet their expectations. 

When Bergdorf Goodman partnered up with City Harvest and the National CARES Mentoring Movement to raise awareness about food insecurities and inequalities in America's social and educational systems, they hired the best window dressers to do up their window displays with splashy messages of hope, love, unity, kindness, joy, peace, and equality

Reportedly, they spent six figures on impressing their target audience with one-of-a-kind couture pieces and fortune-telling mannequins.  

So, if you have a similar target demographic, you may want to put your resources into breathtaking window displays.

Trying Something Different for Window Displays

Human beings, no matter where they live or what they do for a living, is a social interactive species. We are also curious beings although our attention span can be fleeting at times. That is why injecting some form of human element (and not the digitally social kind) into the window display can give it a creative and highly ingenious spin

Barneys in New York did just that. 

For Christmas in 2015, they took an unprecedented risk and turned their window display into a freezer set. The company turned their window display into a LIVE stage with temperatures of negative five to fifteen degrees Fahrenheit aided by the experienced Utah-based team of Ice Castles

The risk was high but so was its potential inroad into social media feed frenzy. There could be an emergency that could result in a melting window display if something went wrong with temperature control. The other result would be selfie-worthy displays.

It was plainly something worthy of an Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook post. What you can take away from their experience is the idea of creating something people will stop, look, take pictures of, and share with their friends, family, and followers online. 

It's was a quirky and effective way to create buzz and branding.

Start Thinking of a Theme to Bring Customers to your Store

People are facing decision fatigue due to a whirlwind of home-bound activities and whiplashes of decisions all year through because of Covid-19 lockdowns all around the world. They’re ready to go out the moment they’re allowed to and malls are pretty much the first few places they’ll visit when the Vaccines are ready. 

Now is the perfect timing. Start thinking about how to put some pizazz into your window displays for when they come flocking back into the malls and streets.

Shaping up your shop for the next customer shopping experience is a very important part of your marketing and sales strategy. Formedge has been in the industry, helping big and small businesses alike present their best products at the forefront, for decades and we know the ins and outs of it. 

We provide a wide range of shelving and display solutions and remain to be one of the biggest manufacturers of Slatwall panels, wall-mounted shelving systems, gondolas, shelves, and display stands in Malaysia. 

Check out our products or visit, give us a call at +603-6152 2222, or email us at for more information. If you’re in the area, drop by our showroom in Kota Damansara to have a look around. We are also active on social media so, visit and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to keep in-the-know.

Visual Merchandising in the retail business is a kind of advertising, a practice used to optimize the presentation of products and services that highlights the best of the lot the company has to offer. The purpose is multi-prong. 

  • Attract
  • Impress
  • Engage
  • Motivate
  • Close

The store decor is designed to not just bring more footfall into the store, but also to make them stay longer, engage and interest potential customers, and motivate them to make a purchase. 

Sometimes it is subtle, other times it is loud. It all depends on the concept you’re going for. 

The various elements that go into creating successful visual merchandising, especially in brick-and-mortar outlets, are lightings, color combos, placement of products, displays, cleanliness, and orderliness of the store design. 

Here, we’ll go into various things you should consider to up your game.

1 - Interior Decor of Your Retail Outlet

When we talk about how effective your interior decor is, we often refer to the overall vibe of your store. Taking into account everything from the color of the walls to the placement of your counter. 

The feel of the store must suit and match the needs of your target market

It needs to capture the attention of walker-bys from the sidewalk or outside the mall, have a big sign to catch their attention, or factor in strategically displaying an assortment of interesting items, products, booklets, or brochures to provide consumers with an inviting, welcoming, and positive in-store experience.

2 - Optimize Your Store Layout

The layout of your retail outlet, including its displays and decor, should increase engagement and time in the store, help consumers easily navigate their way around products they are interested in, be orderly, and improve conversions even as they’re walking towards the cashier counter. 

The most effective store layouts are grid layout, racetrack layout, and free form layout. These common retail store layouts have been proven to encourage consumers to increase their time spent in the store. 

This is particularly important if you want to have a leg up against your competitors after the pandemic is over.

3 - Displays and Mannequins

After walking past the entrance, which is also called the transition zone, consumers walk in with some form of expectation. Your retail outlet displays and highlights like mannequins have the important task of drawing your customers further into the store to browse. 

Piquing their interest by sticking to either proven techniques or trendy designs, you should understand the mindset of your customers when designing the retail outlet. 

If you’re displaying large items, be sure to keep them off the floor as much as possible. Generally, consumers are turned off by cluttered stores with no sense of direction. Consumers also display disconnection with unrealistic mannequins used in clothing stores.

4 - Point of Purchase Displays

Point of Purchase (POP) displays are generally printed or digital displays placed near or next to merchandise and products it is promoting. This is what you will usually see next to the checkout counter or where most consumers are doing some major cherry-picking. 

Point of Purchase displays often make use of as many of our senses as possible, be it visual, touch, sound, smell, or storytelling. They are also put at a convenient height, position, and at eye-level to bring attention to the brand or special offer. 

Vendor Shops are actually what we call a 'store within a store' where a section of the shop is set apart to provide different or promotional goods. These POP vendor shops need their own POP Point of Purchase displays to bring customers' attention to it while they're bobbing along in the store trying to make a decision.

5 - Shelving Displays

Studies have shown, time and time again, that the physical environment and decor of a retail outlet contribute significantly to the communication and interaction the store has with its customers in retail. 

When the shelves like wall panels are properly placed, customers are more willing to part with their hard-earned money, even if your products are premium priced, when consumers take your environment to heart. 

That is one of the reasons restaurants, malls, and hotels are willing to invest in providing their customers and clients with exceptional shopping experiences. The way furniture and shelves are set either increase or decrease customer satisfaction. Clutter, as we’ve mentioned before, is a no-no. 

So, be sure to get into your customers’ heads when designing the store, place items that you think they like or want in prominent places or where they’re more likely to find them will encourage them to stay in your retail store longer and make them spend more in one outing.

6 - Poster Displays

When designed and placed properly, poster displays, especially ones that are placed either at the doorway or near products you’re trying to highlight, can be used to capture the attention of exactly the kind of people who would find the said product appealing. 

They’re also more focused on ONE benefit and ONE offer, so it targets your ideal customers and encourages a positive response. The poster has, after all, one clear message and no distractions.

Poster displays are, most of the time, also portable and reusable. When designing your poster display, always include:

  • Catchy headline
  • Quality image
  • Direct messages
  • Call to action
  • An irresistible benefit to consumers

 7 - Music and Scent

If you’re in the business of selling candles, restaurant, cafe, bakery, perfume, beauty products, women-centric products or even entertainment, music and scent plays a pivotal role in attracting the right customers. 

35% of customers who enjoy the music you play in your retail outlet tend to stay longer and 14% of those tend to spend more.

“Just as interior design is part of the in-store experience, music has become an important competitive tool for business owners” - Sounds Like Branding, Uncovering the Musical Myth

The absence of music, as it shows, can have a negative impact on your in-store customers. Silence isn’t very enticing

However, you would need to know the kind of music your customers like to listen to in the background while they’re walking around in your retail store by profiling your target market.

8 - Window Displays

For many retailers, the window display is the ‘one-up’ they have over their competitors or even against the rising number of eCommerce businesses. There’s only so much customers can figure out when they’re walking past your stores, so when they DO walk past your store, within the first few minutes, opinions are forming in their brain cages

‘Whoa...what is THAT?’

‘Oh, that’s interesting. Can we go in and have a look?’

‘Hhhhmmm...shall I pop in?’

‘Wow, this is going to look so good on me at the cocktail party. Shall I have a look?’

What window displays do it to:

  • Help attract new customers
  • Create the first point of visual contact
  • Entice customers into the retail store
  • Create a brand story
  • Complement other ongoing or online marketing efforts

So, if you’ve not considered prepping up your window displays properly to do the above mentioned, it is time to do so.

9 - Graphics and Photography

This is one of the most effective outdoor marketing techniques for retail outlets who wish to bring attention to their stores in a high footfall area

But first, the exterior of the store must be enticing. 

Comparing a store with a barely-visible signboard with one that replaces old signs with new, stimulating signs, the latter tend to fare better over a long period of time. 

Make no mistake about it but the exterior of your retail outlet also has the task of selling what you have in store. First, it promotes a brand image. Second, it brings attention to the window display. Third, well...a walk-in. If you have buntings or poster displays placed around your retail outlet, all the better. 

It has an interesting way of attracting attention from potential customers who have been to your store before AND curious onlookers who have previously caught sight of the signs and posters. See it enough times, their curiosity might get the better of them

Ultimately, that’s the job of your marketing materials.

12 - Seasonal Displays

Creating and designing the right seasonal displays in your store not only require a little bit of investigation but it also takes time, effort, money, and spending a lot of time in the think tank

What most retailers do is to highlight holidays and seasonal periods that their customers are most likely to be in the mood to spend. They then mark the dates down and come up with a game plan well in advance. 

The standard ones are Valentine's Day, Christmas, Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, and many more. These seasonal promotions put your customers in the automatic mood to splurge right off the bat. When you change things up during these important dates, it shows that you’re highlighting products and services that are more likely to be of interest to consumers.  

So, be sure to put the right products on display at important points in your store or highlight them as a part of your window display. It will go a long way.

Get Your Displays Right and Maximise In-Store Sales

The method, nature, and techniques used for merchandising displays vary from one industry to another, but at the end of the day, it predicates sales. It is designed to increase sales, improve customer satisfaction, and enhance your brand

To promote your products and services not just prominently and efficiently, you actually need to coordinate everything from marketing, advertising, and right down to sales strategies.  

If you think you don’t have the chops to design your displays efficiently, take it from W. Rae Cowan who penned Chain Store Age Executive. In many instances, smaller specialty stores rock the merchandising display game much better than large, international brand names

It all boils down to how much more small retail outlets understand and relate to their customers. Because they’re more niche in their marketing, they are better able to create a feasible and enticing ambiance, just the right kind of environment for their loyal customers. 

This explains why small hole-in-the-wall businesses or bars tend to thrive on the continued business of loyal customers. It's because things are familiar, and yes, everybody knows their name.

Contact Us for Consultation

If you’re looking for a reliable display and shelving company in Malaysia, you’ve come to the right place! Give us a call at +603-61566222, email us at, or visit our showroom in Kota Damansara, Selangor and let’s give your retail outlet the oomph it needs to close sales with simple changes to your store. 

Otherwise, you can find us on our social media pages like Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube where we work tirelessly to help inspire some ideas to help you create the best look for your stores.

While we may have seen dramatic increases in online spending during the pandemic, people will return to retail outlets after it is over.

Retail shopping is suffering but experts believe that they are unlikely to die. They may have to reform or transform the shopping experience for their customers but people express a desire to return to real shopping in a mall or a retail outlet. 

Small businesses and big brands who are experiencing the effects of the pandemic may have either partially hopped onto the eCommerce bandwagon, dipped their toes into an online marketplace, or pumped money into online ads or search engine marketing, smaller retail outlets are still doing this on a smaller scale.

“The survey showed that 30.8% of consumers prefer to see or feel the item in person, and 29.9% want to buy a product right away.” - MultiChannelMerchant

Gen Z Customers Still Prefer In-Store Shopping

Despite citing their preference for discovering new brands, products, or services online through search engines and social media, the new breed of Gen Z shoppers says they still prefer to shop in a real store.

The Gen Z population, those born between the 1990s and mid-2000s, are born with mobile devices in their hands. They're a new population of shoppers who have information at their fingertips and are born skeptical. Social media and Googling things up is nothing new to them. Yet, 53% of Gen Z shoppers visit a retail store at least once a week and according to the National Retail Federation, they have approximately USD 44 billion in buying power. They are also powered by convenience and personalization in shopping

A survey done by Evolution of Retail, 2017 Generation Z Shopper Survey Report polled over 1,500 consumers in the United States found that Gen Z shoppers who pore over social media and other digital touchpoints, which includes emails, likes to browse for products online but purchase them in a retail outlet instead of buying them online. 

More than 75% of Gen Z shoppers say that their mobile devices are an integral part of their lives and a majority of them spend approximately 3 hours on social media every day. A mobile-first strategy is essential, and it shows that Google has one up on everyone, including retailers. 

There are no substitutes for putting real products in a customer’s hands, letting them try out clothing in real-time, or testing out the brand new speakers for their homes, at the moment.

The Downsides of Online Shopping

While it is true that Gen Z generally is online most of the time, they consider it mostly akin to fog and smoke. They’re skeptical about nearly everything they see online, especially when it involves branding, marketing, and online information. 

The reasons why prefer not to shop online has to do with the many downsides of online shopping which includes:

  1. Return policy
  2. Inability to test out products
  3. Scams
  4. No guarantees
  5. Privacy issues
  6. Cost of shipping
  7. The long wait time
  8. Unreliable delivery service
  9. Low-quality products
  10. No customer service or very little interaction
  11. No service staff to consult with
  12. Too much competition, confusing when shopping

With nearly 17% of respondents revealing that online shopping compromises their privacy, they prefer to drive the distance to get the products they want in a real store. 

Yes, there is cost involved when shopping in a retail outlet (driving, parking, time, etc) but coupled with the fact that shoppers find retail shopping far more satisfying and provide them with a form of relief from daily online stress, the reason is clear. 

There’s also something weird about shopping without customer service at your beck and call as customers at this unstaffed Swedish digital supermarket can tell us.

Bringing your Online Followers to Your Retail Store

Merchants are now trying their utmost best to beat the online beast by trying to bring products to their customers BEFORE the final purchase. They’re trying to let customers feel and touch the products before committing to the purchase. 

All of this is still in its teething stage and we still have much to see before everything comes out in the clear.

You can see this in the example of Amazon launching Amazon Fresh in Seattle, online shopping on Instagram, and Google Shopping Express in San Francisco. Zappos is giving its customers a whopping 365 days to return their products for free, and Birchbox is giving out free samples. 

These are fine examples of how established brands with deep pockets are trying to overcome the gaping hope between online and offline shopping. Bear in mind, these were already in the making before we were hit by the pandemic. Everyone simply pivoted more quickly this year 2020 because of the worldwide economic crisis. 

This year, more and more small companies, brands, and retailers are DIY-ing their way into the hearts of their customers. And maybe they’re on to something.

Drawing your Customers to your Store with Online Touch Points

For brand discovery, Instagram has been winning every game with Gen Z shoppers, while Snapchat sees the most engagement and revenue. Facebook takes 40% of the pie.  

Despite the stats, Gen Z shoppers still prefer a real in-store shopping experience. Citing their preference to be able to hold, see, touch, try out, or smell the products they saw on social media before they buy, Gen Z shoppers also like to engage with you as a retailer while shopping. 

So, here's what the business marketing plan will look like.

First, you come up with a really eye-catching concept for your Instagram or Facebook post. Then, you hunker down to capture the most enticing picture your Smartphone can muster and tweak it with the latest app. Then you post it up on your social media feeds or Stories; or you can place an ad with a small budget to capture leads. 

These are ways retailers are experimenting with social media to capture the attention of Gen Z shoppers to encourage them to visit their stores in person. For instance, organizing a warehouse sale once every year and boosting it on social media to bring life to the retail store

The point is to draw their attention to your products/services that are relevant to them online and bring them to your store while giving them an alternative to getting your products and services online.

Alternative, a win-win situation for both.

To bring the new group of shoppers to your retail outlet, you need to find a balance between personalizing the experience for them and a compelling reason to engage and make the purchase. These are mobile-first customers we are talking about so, they want to see what they saw on your social media feeds when they walk into your store. No two ways about it.

Make the Most of Your Online Presence in your Retail Outlet

Whatever you highlighted on your social media feeds, be sure they’re prominently displayed in your store. Make it easy for your shoppers to find them. 

31% of Gen Z shoppers say that it is hard for them to find the very thing that has captured their attention on social media when they make their way to the real store.  

Gen Z shoppers also expect retailers to offer a more personalized experience based on their habits and preferences. Millennials and Gen X are not too far behind when it comes to this stat.

When your potential customers walk into your store, there’s a chance that they’ve seen something you’ve posted online. That’s why experts recommend highlighting such products or services in your offline store. If they’ve Googled something and found it online, they don’t want to spend too much time browsing through everything you have or spend 20 minutes sifting through everything ‘they’re not looking for’ just to find that ONE THING they are. 

Perhaps it is also time for retailers to step up on their customer service with training while adhering to the latest Covid-19 guidelines set by our respective countries. These are ways brands can connect with shoppers through social media marketing and it is worth exploring.

Partnering Up with Companies, Brands, and Personalities

Last year, Missguided, a UK-based fast-fashion outlet, got in on the game with the TV reality show, Love Island, to dress up celebrities and public figures with their outfits. Viewers on the show who would like to buy an outfit they saw on the show can shop for them online even as they’re browsing through their phones or visit the store. 

Brands and retailers should think of ways to catch buyers’ attention by tying up and collaborating with other companies, brands, or personalities to make products more real to customers, as opposed to stopping at just putting up images, videos, and writing about it. 

That’s the kind of extra mile the new generation of shoppers want to see when they’re looking to buy something. Gen Z looks to both macro and micro-influencers for insights into new products and services they see online. 

Gen Z shoppers are 1.3 times more likely to buy a product or engage in a service recommended by an influencer, compared to a TV star or Hollywood celebrity. A whopping 78% of Gen Z shoppers have read an online review about products and services before buying into it. They come armed with both information and questions. 

So, if it's on the cards, tying up with micro-influencers or social media big names could be something to explore in your up-and-coming marketing meeting. It’s one of the most effective ways, at least for now, to convince a highly skeptical bunch of shoppers.

The good news is they still prefer in-person shopping to online shopping. That’s the one thing that’s NOT working against you during these tough economic times. 

So, buff up your stores and bring your shoppers offline from your online platforms.

For one, if you’re looking for ways to revamp your retail outlet without breaking your budget in Malaysia, have a look around our website, visit our social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram and find out more about buying quality slatwall display shelving from a reliable display products company to give your outlet a new look.




Sometimes, you don’t have to go big or go home. 

At least, that applies to when you're redecorating your office or retail outlet with an in-vogue personal touch. Since we spend more hours during the weekday at the office or retail outlet than we do at home, it makes sense that we do our best to make it comfy.

You'll be surprised that it doesn't take a lot to give your retail outlet or office a personal touch. 

Worry not if you’re not much of a handyman, DIYer, or even an arts and craft person. Not many people who started decorating their retail outlets, offices, or showrooms begin that way. It gives you the edge if you have an eye for detail or have the ability to see the big picture before digging your heels into a DIY office decor project, but it’s not a necessity. 

So, here are a couple of things you can do to pump up the look of your office, retail outlet, or showroom over a short period of time. But first, let’s set some of your expectations right.

What to Expect from your Office, Retail Outlet DIY Revamp

If every single one of us are interior decorators or designers, professional IDs would be out of a job. So, let’s start off with some realistic expectations

  1. Don’t expect it to change the whole look. It takes weeks or months to complete a new project
  2. Get your colleagues or bosses involved
  3. Ask your customers about what they think
  4. Scour the internet for inspiration and ideas on what you can do for your office or retail outlet new look
  5. Start small, one shelf at a time
  6. Make it a group project
  7. Share it online with your customers and ask them for their input
  8. Celebrate every single win

Fun and Easy DIY Ideas for your Retail Outlet Redesign

1 - Jar Fun

You might have been collecting a bunch of empty, ready-for-recycling jars at home, waiting to be thrown out with the trash. 

Well, don’t. 

There’s tons of fun to be had with those jars, regardless of the size of the jars, especially glass bottles. They’re durable, easily malleable, and absolute scene stealers.

mason jar design for DIY decor
Source :

Of course, mason jars are perfect for that healthy overnight breakfast oats in the fridge but if you’ve got a few extras on hand, try turning them into flower pots to brighten up your desk or office guest/visitor’s waiting area.

In fact, the lids can be turned into fun coasters! Here are well over 60 fun DIY things you can do with empty jars!

mason jar covers for coasters

It’s effortless.

2 - Egg Cartons from Home

Egg cartons can be turned into small flower or plant pots for office spaces, art canvases, painted lamps (yes, it's true), a Christmas Tree, or even furniture like tables and chairs! As it turns out, when put together, they're sturdier than you think. 

All it takes is your imagination, collective effort with your colleagues, a little bit of Googling and Youtubing, and you’re pretty much ready to dig your heels in to start a DIY store revamp project!

Tell me your mind is not blown by this.

DIY decor idea with empty egg cartons

You can find more of such intriguing ideas here at

3 - Let’s Go Make Some LEGO Deco

LEGO is the kind of classic toy that defies age. You don’t have to be 2-years-old to enjoy putting the pieces together, because LEGO has long been targeting adults with their more sophisticated, themed LEGO sets. As far as I can tell, it’s working. 

So, if you’re one of those who are into putting small tiny, painful-to-be-stepped-on pieces together, just do one up for your office or retail outlet!

You can use the LEGO man to hold your smartphone charging cables, or even come up with your own magazine holder made completely from LEGO. After all, LEGO has been propagating its motto of putting ‘joy into building, pride of creation’.

4 - Hanging Decor

If you’ve run out of space for storing your items, it’s time to go vertical

For one, you can use a wall-mounted display like Decowall to make things easy for you. It’s versatile enough to let you customize the entire wall to install shelves or hang posters on them

slatwall decowall display for home design
slatwall decowall display for home design

And if you have a metal rack or garden mesh sitting around in a dark corner of your attic, pull it out and experiment with using it on your store’s vertical space. 

Create a decor space for hanging plants, cups, bags, or a space to display everything from to-do lists, inspiring quote posters, notes, and special messages to your customers. 

Yes, it’s a memo board with a modern twist. We bet you’re going to find some inspiration at this fine array of funky bulletin boards from TheSpruceCrafts.

5 - Mirrors and Art

Although not technically a DIY project, installing a mirror, a long unique one, can make a world of difference to the way your retail outlet looks to your customers. Adding a mirror in your store will transform a somewhat small store into one that is more spacious and open. Setting it up beside a window which reflects the light off into the store is another fab idea.

guitars used as unique wall decor
guitars used as unique wall deco

If you have staff who are artistically-inclined, task them with painting a special message-filled mural on one of the walls of the store, giving it a personal touch. You don’t have to go as far as to install an artistic abstract art. 

In fact, your customers might find the ‘personal touch’ approach far more endearing and charming.


bookshelves display for stores and home
bookshelves display for stores and home

As you can see, revamping or touching up the look of your retail outlet does not have to cost a bomb. Given enough time and creativity, you can give your store a new look without breaking the bank. 

If you’re looking for a simpler way to get your products off the floor or make use of the vertical space in your retail outlet with a wall-mounted display system, look no further than Formedge. 

We’ve been around the block (once or twice...and maybe more) so, we would like to think we have the experience to help you find the right display units to make your store design pop!

Give us a call right now at +603-61566222, email us at, pop by our showroom in Kota Damansara, or stalk us on our social media sites on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest.

One of the biggest challenges for designing and decorating clothing retail outlets is space constraints. What you choose to do with the display racks and shelves in your clothing store has to do with:

  • Your target market
  • Season
  • Sales period
  • Overall theme
  • Color scheme

First of all, consider the concept of the clothing store. It has to gel with your target market. 

If you're selling to the younger demographic, using bright colors and a fun theme will do the trick. Older folks and working adults may prefer more clean-cut and to-the-point store designs.

Top Clothing Stores in the World and What to Learn from them

Are you primarily a retail outlet selling sportswear? Is the store’s focus on a luxury fashion line? Are you into fast (cheap) fashion? Are most of your clothing vintage or cute? Are you aiming for a bold, playful, and creative theme? Are most of your products budget-friendly? Do you cater specifically to just women, kids, unisex, or men only? 

If you looked at Zara as a retailer, you’ll notice that most of their clothing selection is quirky, trendy, and stylish while keeping each of the items at relatively affordable prices. Urban Outfitters, on the other hand, give their clothing selection a twist. They’re, today, one of the largest international fashion brand names that deliver affordable stylish, streetwear with a little bit of pop-rock feel. 

On the other hand, Nasty Gal, an eBay phenomenon gone viral and traditional, has created millions in business based on zero training in business and internet marketing

Seeing the potential in the then-popular MySpace, she launched off into eCommerce without knowing she was. All she knew was that she was in a dead-end job but had an eye for vintage-style clothing, photography, and a passion for thrift stores

Revamped vintage clothing has its own appeal, you’ll have to admit.

Other stores you can find inspiration from include Gap (which has a wide range of products catering to people of all ages, including infants and kids!), Zalora (a Malaysian-based online fashion giant), and independent designers and vendors that flood the online catalog of sites like Shopee, Lazada, and Shopify.

How to Design Your Own Themed Fashion Store Affordably

Time is needed to explore, discover, and experiment. You’ll also need to speak to your business partners, customers, family, friends, and even the random stranger to ask them about their favorite clothing stores

You can either decide to go for the minimalist look to help your customers focus on shopping, or you can max out on creating a completely out-of-this-world shopping ambiance for your walk-in customers. The ball's in your court.

If it’s a thrift store, be sure to make it clear to them that you’re offering budget-friendly fast fashion. Your target market is bargain hunters who have no inclination for fanfare and you're not a creative clothing store

When space is an obstacle and you have more than one category of products to display, a wall-mounted Slatwall display shelf is your best bet.

Present your Best

Be it the best deals, best sellers, or the best new fashion line, put it right up there at the front of the retail store where it is most visible. 

Just as your customers walk into your retail outlet, they won’t miss it hanging from a standalone clothing rack like this! The great thing about them is that they can be customized to suit your needs.

Wall-Mounted Clothing Racks Saves Space

Without a smidgen of doubt, wall-mounted customizable clothing racks using Slatwall panels are the best when you wish to keep it both stylish and functional at the same time. 

Any interior designer can tell you that the most important thing to take into consideration when designing a retail outlet, warehouse, showroom, or home is space constraints

With this wall-mounted clothing and accessories display shelves, it comes with multiple types of accessories that you can then use to change things up once in awhile.

Wall Racks for Quick Access

Visibility is a huge consideration when it comes down to investing in the right display shelves. While wall-mounted railings made from Slatwall panels are absolute winners in this department, there may be variants of the same product you want to keep within arm’s reach. 

This way, when the customer asks if you have one in Size XLL and in Blue, you can simply grab it off the shelves. The floating appearance of wall racks also gives it a ‘winding design’.

Multi-Tiered Clothing racks using Slatwall Panels

If there is a corner of the retail outlet that you would like to give a unique look, using the multi-tiered shelving system works wonders. The floor-to-ceiling display unit has horizontal shelves you can customize to create the look that you want. Products with the least visibility can be placed on the top shelves for easy retrieval. 

Shelving panels that run the entire length of the wall are often most cost-effective, eye-pleasing, and flexible. The shelves are easy to customize and personalize because they come with accessories and panels that can be adjusted as you please

This is particularly important if you have multiple types of products to display along the retail racks.

Wall-Mounted Shoe Racks and Accessories Wall

Clothes, shoes, and accessories go together because they belong to the same category. Chances are if your customers are shopping for items of clothing, they may be interested in products that complement their new item. 

That’s why having a wall-mounted shelving display in your retail outlet makes sense. You can display the items - shoes, clothes and all - right beside each other (or at least, within easy reach) to entice customers.

Have a look at this video to see how flexible and awesome your products will look with Formedge’s revolutionary Slatwall Retail Display Panels.

We hope you’ve gotten some ideas on how to better decorate the clothing display areas in your retail outlet. If you need clarifications, help, or ideas, give us a call at +603-61566222, visit our website,, or pop by our showroom in Kota Damansara Petaling Jaya to have a look around.  

Alternatively, you can reach us by email at


Even as we’re writing this, big brand names like Poney, SODA, Fella Design, Harvey Norman, Shoppers Hub and many more are having clearance sales to clear off unsold products from their warehouses. It frees up space in the inventory for new ones. 

It’s an inevitable part of being in the retail business. 

Here, we’ve outlined a few things to remember to run better clearance sales.

Benefits of Having a Clearance Sale

The more products you hold, the more you spend on warehousing and overheads. Some shoppers and loyal brand followers actually follow stores and brand names to patiently wait for the yearly clearance sales. 

One big example in Malaysia would be the Big Bad Wolf book sales. It has helped their business reach the shores of major Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Sri Lanka and others like UAE and South Korea.

To improve the result of your clearance sale, you need to time it right and make it to the right audiences with advertisements, content, announcements on social media, placement of banners, handing out of flyers and brochures, and emailing the news out to your database of loyal customers. 

Although the words ‘clearance sale’ is seen often even as we linger around malls, retail chains see a more positive impact when they run consistent clearance sales

These weekly or monthly deals work because customers know what and when to expect them. Once you get the marketing engine working, it helps the business regularly get stuff out of the warehouse and off the shelves!  

Better clearance sales attract not just new customers from your website and social media accounts, but it shines a spotlight on your store with big, red, neon banners on your shop’s window. 

Bargain hunters would otherwise not have given your retail outlet a chance. 

For instance, if not for the signs outside their retail outlets or showrooms, people may not even consider dropping by branded outlets like Cellini, Monte, Rozel, or Zolano when they’re looking for quality sofas. 

Customers patiently wait for the sales to roll along.

Running seasonal promotions and clearance sales are the few ways successful ways these brand names move their inventory. You should take a page from their marketing playbook.

"What differentiates sellers today is their ability to bring fresh ideas." - Jill Konrath

How Often Should You Run a Clearance Sale

Depending on the retail business, its brand, partnerships and affiliations, costs, and marketing strategies, many companies run clearance sales regularly, especially towards the tail-end of a season. Most of the time, that would be every quarter of the year. 

If your products are not particularly seasonal, any time is a good time. Big brand names hold at least two major clearance sales every year and it works great to help them clear off space for new products. 

Each time, they run a different clearance sale concept to appeal to different customers.

Choosing the Right Concept for the Clearance Sale

If your retail outlet sells mainly one type of product or fits into one category, there’s nothing much to worry about as far as clearance sale themes are concerned. 

On the other hand, if you’re holding onto products from multiple categories, work with your product and marketing teams to come up with an inventory management system to identify products that need to get off the shelves as soon as possible.

Most of the time, retail outlets pick the slowest moving brands/products to pile them on together with other more popular brands to make the clearance sale more irresistible. 

The slower moving products would then be riding the waves of the popular brand names. Savvy shoppers always look for ways to cut some corners when it comes to spending on their favourite (sometimes more expensive) brand names.

Creating the Right Displays for your Products

Feature the branded products in a prominent area during the clearance sale, flanked by other products you wish to push. Think like your customers

Shoppers who prefer bargains are different from your regular shoppers - they consist of mostly penny pinchers and curious aunts who ask, ‘Are these really bargains?’ even when they see a sign offering them a 70% discount in front of them. 

The bigger the brand, the better the clearance sale will perform. So, don’t hide the high-performance brands in the back of the store. Show them off at the display racks right in front of the event. Like right in front of the door, if it's possible. 

If you’re holding a clearance sale in your retail outlet, avoid turning your store into a thrift store. These bargain hunters are serious about getting value for money, not spending on cheap thrills. 

To improve the promotion, you can have a mobile wagon display in the middle of the store with all the clearance products in them, a rack showing off the best of them all, or deck them out near the checkout line. 

You’ll be surprised at how important the placement of products is when it comes to clearance sales.

Display the Right Price and Not Discount Percentage

You can either display the price of the discounted products itself or choose to highlight the percentage of discount you’re offering your customers at the displays. 

Data shows that customers actually prefer not to do the math while shopping, even when you have a chart to refer to. It is not a complete turn-off but it might deter them from piling more products onto their cart while shopping because they’re unsure. 

That is why coming up with a pricing and pairing strategy is extremely important to the overall effectiveness of the promotion.

For those who are new to the business, consider the 5 most common ways to arrive at the right pricing for products.

Biggest Discounts at the Forefront of your Clearance Sale

You’re going to be slashing the prices off from some products more than the others. To attract your customers, feature the biggest promotions and discounts prominently. Promotions that’ll turn their heads, make them curious, and bring them around for a second look. 

Shoppers often give modest 10% to 20% discounts a pass when they are familiar with the original pricing of the products. Especially when it's luxury items. Feature the more attractive discounts to tempt the true bargain hunters who know their stuff. 

Here are some ideas to make your displays work for you, even if you're a small or medium-sized retail business. 

Getting into the minds of your customers is an important aspect of marketing. Shopping for kitchen supplies and clothing require different tactics. Work with your marketing team to come up with irresistible offers for your retail outlet to make it stand out in a sea of offers.

Get the Word Out about Your Clearance Sale

We would argue that a large majority of your customers are constantly searching for deals online. Placing an ad in a local daily may have worked wonders ten years ago but this is no longer the case in the modern era of retail marketing. 

To improve the clearance sale, you need to get the word out online as well as offline

Platforms you can use to get the word out about your clearance sale are:

  • Your website
  • Social Media
  • Email
  • Apps
  • Partnerships
  • Content
  • Online advertising
  • Social media advertising
  • Direct mail
  • Placement of products on online marketplaces

To complement your online efforts, give your staff enough time to highlight the clearance sale to customers who are still walking into your store so that they can hand out flyers or cards before the event.

Give Your Customers Exclusive Incentives to Shop More

Businesses need to improve the concept of their clearance sales over time. 

Let’s say the products are not moving as quickly as anticipated, on-the-spot reevaluation might be made to move the goalposts, like increasing the discounts by the week. 

Retailers must not forget that the main objective of running the clearance sale is to reduce inventory. 

So, if the 30% discounts aren’t working, try 50%. This motivates savvy shoppers to spread the word or to come back for more.

Get as Many People Talking as Possible

It doesn’t cost a lot of money if you make every ad dollar you spend working for you. You just need to know the right channel to use.

First of all, invest in some bright, colourful, attention-grabbing signs and hang them as loudly and proudly as possible around the vicinity of your retail outlet or where the clearance sale will be held. It just has to be something legible and attractive that can be clearly seen from afar, nothing fancy

Save the money on online ads and invest in paid influencers to help you spread the word. 

Use your website, blogs, or social media accounts to the best of your ability and offer your followers and fans an incentive to visit your retail store during the clearance sale. You can also use messages and emails to keep interested buyers in the loop with updates on pricing, schedule, and location by adding pictures, advertisements, and details. 

In fact, if you have online or offline partners, ask them to help you hand out flyers in their stores or provide a writeup on their social media accounts. Offer to return the favour when the time comes.

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Conclusion: Understanding the Job of Clearance Sales

Companies like Zara and H&M, in the United States, it would be Walmart, dominate the fast fashion market. They run on a five-week supply chain cycle. When the lines are not moving, actions are swiftly taken to move them.

For these brands, inventory is almost everything.

"After another week, donate it to charity or if you have to - write it off as a loss and throw it out. Do not let it stay in your store or backroom." -

Using the right displays and shelves during your clearance sale is as important as marketing and organizing it. The right shelving units and displays help your customers navigate their way around the venue or your store. It gives them the motivation to put more items into their cart before checking out.

Coupled with bright displays and attractive bargains, we’re sure you’ll be able to move some of your products out of the inventory, making space for new products and models. 

Find out more about using the right shelving and displays at and We’re one of Malaysia’s leading retail display companies and we’re always ready to help you find affordable and reliable retail display solutions. 

Be sure to also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or our Blog for the latest information. If you'd like to see things in person or speak to someone professional about which shelving unit is best for your business, drop by our showroom and office in Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia! You can also reach us at

Some of the biggest names in retail have gone through some colossal changes as the world economy opens up cautiously in the new world. 

The names include power players like Sephora, Best Buy, American Eagle, Apple, Macy’s, Nordstrom, GAP, Costco...just to name a few American brands. 

Right here, on home ground, we’re also slowly getting accustomed to the new way of shopping in big malls like 1 Utama, IKEA, The Curve, Sunway Pyramid, Berjaya Times Square, Mid Valley Megamall, IOI City Mall and many more. Even flagship stores like Uniqlo and H&M have adopted some form of measure to control in-store crowds.

The pandemic has changed the way people shop. There’s less window-shopping, distanced browsing, faster and easier checkouts.

What Has Changed in Retail Outlets

In Malaysia, we’re still adapting to the new norm for shopping in a mall or eating out in a restaurant. 

Before you step a foot into the retail outlet, your temperature is taken (or scanned), phone numbers/ICs/names are recorded for contact tracing, most customers don face masks, and liberally squirt free sanitizers at the greeting sanitization station placed at storefronts.

Eating out in restaurants is still a tad difficult, and you might have to wait in line at the red or yellow markers plastered on the floor so that you’re at a respectable distance from the next shopper. 

To top it all off, families shopping for anything from groceries to shoes are often armed with an arsenal of disposal masks and antibacterial wipes in their bags. The more careful shoppers also walk in with disposable gloves. 

In some places in the satellite city of Petaling Jaya, every entry into an outlet or store requires you to scan a QR Code which records your attendance. Much like a roll call during class. 

This, my friends, is the new norm.

International Branded Retailers Under Pressure

From the rumor mill, we’ve also caught wind that a couple of MPH bookstores are closing down, thanks to rapid sharing on Facebook. According to, 9 MPH bookstores are set to shutter, namely the ones in Amanjaya, Sunway GEO, SACC Mall, Subang Parade, JB City Square, MYDIN MITC and more. 

Bear in mind, the major chain of bookstores has yet to offer an explanation for their empty shelves, massive discounts, and moving out of their stocks. 

There have been massive changes after the onslaught of the Pandemic and shoppers can see the Coronavirus warnings everywhere. 

We’re greeted with reminders to wear masks, QR code, bottles of hand sanitizers, and 6-feet-apart markers or X’s drawn on the floors and tables. 

Even staff are advised to offer their shoppers free disposable masks (which are mandatory in some stores) if they were not wearing one. 

Of course, most retailers are encouraged to take contactless payment options like cards and app payments instead of cash. And after their purchases are rung up, they tear off the receipt themselves if the cashier was not inclined to do it for them.

“Retailers that sell things like clothes, jewelry, and other accessories will need to adapt or risk their sales slumping.” - CNBC

Reimagining Post-Pandemic Retailers

Ever since forever, retailers have always encouraged shoppers to stay as long as they could in their stores. 

But the Pandemic has changed reality. 

The concept of trying to make shoppers staying longer in their stores is long gone, replaced by an in-and-out shopping culture. 

That is why retailers all around the world have had to reimagine, revamp, rethink, renovate, and reconceptualize their stores. No more lingering. 

Gone are the days where parents let their kids loose in a Toys R US store trying out (more like full-blown playing with, I’d say) the toys on display. 

There's also no more trying on makeup and free makeovers, a long few hours worth of trying on clothes, tirelessly sifting through prescription glasses, and having long chats with the optometrists about the latest fashion trends. 

Instead, you’re either given a verbal explanation, a brochure, website to check out, or an app to see if the foundation color is the right one for you. We’ve also resorted to online measurements and trusting the taste buds of the guys standing behind the Baskin Robbins counter.

“You can do shoulder and waist measurements, but with the help of another person. So we’re helping each other out since we can’t try anything on.” - Alicia Fong and Kelly Chong in The Malay Mail

Coronavirus Impact on Retailers

So, how should retailers adapt to this new norm of shopping? Many small businesses and retailers have taken tremendous blows due to the Pandemic’s impact. Now that the focus is on faster, easier, safer, and more convenient shopping, the tectonic plates have shifted. 

People are afraid of going into a store or restaurant if it appears to be packed during peak hours. So, the onus is on the retailer or shop owner to try to make the shopping as safe as possible for its customers. 

Grocery stores or retail outlets without social distancing measures in place might face the ire of the new norm. If the store was packed, it would turn loyal, careful customers away in a state of panic. 

While restaurants don’t allow for dine-in of more than 2 or 3 family members/friends, Apple is scanning everyone’s temperature before they enter, hair salons remain closed, Best Buy is asking customers to book an appointment in advance, and there are no more free consultations at beauty kiosks and stores like Macy’s and Nordstrom. Even the bathrooms and fitting rooms are closed for now at GAP.

So, Here’s What Retailers Need to Do to Stay in Business

Care for your customers

Let them know that their safety and security is of utmost importance. We’ve got to reimagine and reinvent the business, including the way you display your products! Actually, ESPECIALLY the way you display your products. 

Place all the essential items, the fast-selling and popular ones prominently to make shopping easy for your customers with simple wall decor ideas. Keep your distance and provide assistance only when asked for it. 

Arrange for curbside pickup if the customer does not want to walk into the store or prefer to pay for their items online (but pick them up at the store). 

Rearrange the entryway displays and include a welcome sanitary table. Make sure the apparel you’re selling is displayed in an easily-seen and -browsed manner. Which means, ‘Look, no hands, ma!’

Limit the number of people you admit in your retail outlet at any one time. 

If your store was cluttered and piled high with products and boxes before, NOW is a good time to keep them out of sight. The effort illustrates the lengths of which you are willing to take to assure your cautious customers that it is safe to shop inside your store

Using the right budget-friendly displays at this critical point is a make-or-break factor for your business. It either needs a slight change or a major overhaul. Important items and promotions are to be displayed at eye-level and as close to the entry point as possible. 

Everything has to be practically off-the-ground because a cluttered store gives off a bad vibe. Arm your staff with loads of disinfectant because every time a bunch of shoppers is done with their shopping, it’s open ground for the virus to hop onto its next host.

Retailers Making Shopping Safe and Comfortable for Customers

The Pandemic is (thankfully) tapering off in some parts of the world but this battle isn’t over. We still have time to think about how to make it easier, safer, and more comfortable for people to shop in your store. 

It's not going to be a smooth ride. It’s a bit of a roller coaster. 

Removing rest areas, playing tables, and browsing areas for customers is a bummer, we’ll admit this much. But let’s think of it as a reboot. Like we’re starting the same business all over again, at least in terms of how we present our stores to our customers

The good news is that data shows that more and more people are coming out of their houses to shop in person. Since opening up malls and retail outlets, at least 1/5th of customers are coming back out to do their shopping.

And while people resorted to online shopping during the worldwide lockdown, nothing beats shopping in person even when there are more rules and anxiety to deal with. Sales are also on the rise again. Retailers who had opened up their stores after the partial lift of the lockdown are starting to see a faster movement of goods. 

This time, when a customer walks into your store, you know they’re looking for something, not just window-shopping. That’s definitely an assurance to businesses everywhere! 

Just by renovating or revamping the displays of your store can give your customers the assurance that it is safe to shop in your store. In fact, a poster display reminding your customers about safe shopping might be assurance enough!

If you’re looking for ways to give your retail outlet an affordable and pragmatic revamp, give us a call right now and we’ll find you the right display solution that fits your business, preference, style, and budget. We’ve been in the retail display business for decades and know the business well. Let us know if you need help deciding on which merchandising display solution to invest in. 

Explore our website, Instagram, and Facebook if you’re keen to find out more about the kind of wall-mounted slatwall panels, display units, and accessories we have to offer. 

Soon, you’ll be able to pop by our showroom in Kota Damansara to have a look at the stuff yourself. 

In the meantime, please do take care, wash your hands, and stay safe always.

Study after study has concluded that much of the information flowing through a human mind when they are walking around in a shopping mall or business district comes through their sense of sight.

Some, like restaurants and cafes, have the added advantage of tapping into someone’s sense of smell. It’s hard to resist the mouth-watering aroma of meat barbecuing in a restaurant while you’re hungry. It’s also a form of torture to walk past a waffle house during brunch.

To catch the attention of the 10,000 passers-by who walk by your stores every day, eyes trained on their phones as they rush to their next destinations, the window display needs to be original and stand out from the crowd of stores lined up along the street.

Getting Direct Help from a Customer Service Agent in the Retail Display Company

Don’t be confused with the sea of options – you can now even buy them online. With that said, however, sometimes, the specs do not check out. It would be troublesome to get accurate information – everything from color to fitting and size – from an online retailer.

It’s a long-term investment if you’re going to be in the business for some time. You want to make a good impression and not skimp on something that will affect how your customers think of you when they step into your store.

Invest in good quality shelving and display systems from a reliable retail shop display company.

We’re right here in Malaysia, with a showroom you can visit at the heart of Kota Damansara, and we can provide you with recommendations and ideas on how to make the look of your shop pop!

Just for good measure, based on the findings from researchers, Dr. Harold Stolovitch and Dr. Erica summarized the function of our senses into their respective effectiveness:

  • 83% depend on sight
  • 11% depends on hearing
  • 3.5% are influenced by smell
  • and the rest are swayed more easily through touch and taste.

Click here to view our latest Youtube Video showcase of our latest projects.

Buy Quality Display Units in Malaysia without Breaking your Budget

Sometimes, because of the size and layout of your retail outlet, it’s hard to get something of standard material, size, and design. A bookshelf from IKEA was designed specifically, most of the time, for homes and families. That’s their target market.

But if you’re trying to make a grab for reliable, high-quality, long-lasting wall-mounted display units for your store so that you can customize it to fit the idea you have in mind, it can be quite a feat.

Companies like Formedge have been around the block, talked to countless brick-and-mortar businesses and retail business owners about their needspreferences, and budget constraints over the past 30 years and we understand what needs to be done.

We need to get people into our physical store, a real one in a shopping mall, although we have an eCommerce store where our customers can enjoy browsing through our portfolio of products. Being here is the only way they can touch and feel the quality, the material of the display units for themselves.” shares one of our customers.

And we couldn’t agree more.

“The survey showed that 30.8% of consumers prefer to see or feel the item in person, and 29.9% want to buy a product right away.” – Daniela Forte, MultiChannel Merchant

When your customers are there in your store, there’s also the added advantage of being able to engage with them, ask questions, and answer them on-the-spot.

You’ll Deliver Better Customer Service

Unless the person you’re dealing with is a carpenter or an interior designer by profession, they might need some help deciding on what will work best for them.

Let’s say a customer walks into your retail outlet and is facing a barrage of options in the shop display shelving and wall-mounted display system, you’re only a wave away.

We don’t let our customers walk out of the door of our showroom without asking them if we could help them!

  • Can we offer some suggestions?
  • Tell me more about your retail outlet?
  • What kind of products do you see?
  • What kind of ambiance are you trying to create?
  • Do we have what you need?

Marketers will call his cross-merchandizing but it is an effective way to help our customers pair up items in the store that will bring a smile to their faces and give them a sense of hope.

It’s called the practice of product discovery instead. It brings their attention to the potential of the display rack unit and accessories that can further help them improve the look of their retail outlet. It could even be something that has completely averted their radar while they were browsing through your website or social media feed.

At Formedge, we make things easier for our customers because, taken a page out of construction companies and IKEA itself, we have in-house designers whose job is to primarily pair our products up with each other to present the possibilities to our customers.

We make the customer journey while shopping for wall-mounted display units or a standalone gondola, as visually appealing and practical as possible.

After-Sale Customer Service

Here’s where large, International brand names try but don’t really excel in – after-sale customer service. Try as they might, they don’t remember their customers by name or the store they helped set up.

When you work with a Malaysian professional Slatwall and Decowall producer and marketer in Malaysia, our sales team often know you by name. Some of them might even pop over to your store to help you customize and become a part of the fitting team to ensure smooth-sailing implementation of the new display units you’ve just bought from us.

After-Sale customer service for display units and shelving units may also need replacement parts and advice even after the sale is closed. We want to forge a long-lasting relationship with all our customers, that’s why we often step up to the plate to help our customers solve their problems when using our products.

As it should be.


Replacement Parts for Wear and Tear

Your home needs regular cleaning. Your car needs to go for a tune-up or maintenance run every other month, and your vacuum cleaner might quit on you one day if you don’t clear up the inner debris once in a while.

Things go wrong all the time.

The worst thing about buying something generic from a popular brand or company is that you would have to figure the whole thing out by yourself when there are wears and tears in your display unit.

Because of its mass-production business structure, some accessories or replacement parts can be discontinued at the whim, depending on the company’s supply chain.

Working with Formedge, you’ll see the difference almost instantly. We’re all hands on deck.

Because we’re always in the industry, surveying and asking around about our customers’ needs, new trends, new styles, new materials, new display units, or new wall-mounted shelving products, we carry the right number of replacement parts and accessories because we’re dealing with them ourselves.

We have:

If Christmas or the end-of-the-year holiday is coming up and you need to give your display a new look, we have accessories and complementing display units to help you incorporate them into the current store display.

Want to be witty? Sure, not a problem. Try a poster stand or a banner!

These understated display rack accessories are affordable ways to complement and enhance the look of your retail store. So, just play around with them to change things up or to fit the new mood you’re getting ready for the new shopping season.

Formedge is a retail display company that provides our customers with an ample number of options as far as replacements are concerned.

IRL Shopping in a Retail Outlet is Far Better than Offline

Yes, the Covid-19 lockdown has brought many things to a grinding halt. People can no longer eat at their favorite restaurants, bring their kids out to the park, go jogging at their regular trails, or even go mall-trawling (which is probably the official favorite Malaysian past-time).

There’s an increase in online sales during this period especially when it comes to consumer and necessary goods for the sustenance of life.

But a survey revealed that nearly 17% of consumers believe that shopping offline when they have immediate access to customer service is best. IRL shopping continues to trump over online purchases because of one primary reason: Privacy.

Another 14% of respondents cite ‘shipping cost‘ as one of the deterrents for online shopping.

So, take heart in the fact that once this lockdown is over, while more people have become familiar with online shopping through their computers and smartphones, nothing beats real-life shopping just yet.

Get ready for the influx of ready shoppers when they finally emerge from this Covid-19 lockdown now.

We’re always on the look-out for the latest retail trends, interior design tips and advice, trending marketing tactics all around the world, and we might showcase a few of our favorite products on our blog and website.

Bookmark this page and come back for more! We’re also on FacebookInstagram, and Linkedin a lot so check us out there, hit the follow or like button and stay connected!

Stay safe, take care, and best regards,
The Formedge Editor

customized wall mounted display rack for stores

Maintaining your office or office display regularly ensures that they’re in tip-top condition long after their live-by date. It sounds elementary but running a clean cloth through your office display once a day, or twice a week will move the goalposts to make it a better-looking one every year.

Yes, it’s REALLY as simple as that!

A clean, well-maintained, and spotless retail outlet, store, or office leaves a good impression on your customers and plays a significant role in turning them into long-term customers. Nothing is more of a turn-off than a cluttered, piled-sky-high store that looks like it needs a total revamp.

So, you can start off with these basic cleaning and maintenance tips and tricks to keep your office and showroom display units in good condition.

The display units are business investments and they bring in the bread and butter. So, it makes perfect sense to upkeep them from time to time.

white standalone island gondola stand for retail display


  • Keeping it as dust- and germ-free as possible

    This is particularly important if there is a lot of footfall in the office, meeting/conference rooms, or showrooms. With people walking in and out the whole day, it requires more than just running a broom across the floor. The first step to take is to understand how to maintain the different types of display units you have in your store. The same cleaning method and schedule cannot be applied to indoor wood furnishing and outdoor metal patio furniture. You’ll need to employ different preservation techniques and cleaning schedules to keep them in spanking new condition.


  • Organize your display items within their category and rearrange them occasionally

    If you run regular checks every week or month, not only will you be extending the life of the furniture, your customers will also be impressed with the spic and span condition your store or retail outlet is in. It may not be obvious but it contributes significantly toward a positive shopping experience.

  • Get Cleaning Help

    white, minimalist storefront customer service


As it is, your work in the store, office or showroom is stacked high. The last thing you would be enthusiastic about is to do basic cleaning work. And yet, some people can’t stand the sight of a coffee stain on the living room table, others…not so much.

If you belong to the latter group of people, getting someone to regularly come in for a quick wipe-down would do your business (and even home) will be a sage decision. Thanks to apps and diversifying business models out there in the market, contractual or ad-hoc cleaning services has become ever more affordable now. So, don’t skimp. It’s an investment towards the profitability of your business!

  • Protecting your wood furniture

    Using wood furniture or display units in your shop or home gives it a very rustic, homely, vintage look and adds a layer of mystic to the interior design. They’re not hard to maintain because all they usually need is a quick wipedown with a cloth dampened with warm water and dabbed with mild dish soap.

    An old toothbrush (or other similar cleaning apparatuses) will get you into hard-to-reach areas and surfaces. When you’re done with the rudimentary and want to go a little further, apply good quality soft-paste wax onto labels/stickers/notes if there are any and then wipe it off with a clean cloth. Your conventional shoe polish works well on cracks and scratches too. Bear in mind that most wood materials don’t go down too well when placed in open space that is exposed to direct sunlight over long periods.


  • Best Ways to Maintain Metal Display and Furniture

    Getting metal furniture makes sense from the perspective of maintenance and budget. And they’re really easy to find! All you probably need throughout the lifespan of the metal display is a good ole tub of metal polish to restore the furniture back to its original glory.

    But one thing we need to remember about owning, using and maintaining metal displays is cleaning oxidized aluminium, cast iron or wrought iron. Keep the user’s manual if the display unit comes with one, and research on quick, natural ways to maintaining the metal display to give you the best bang for the buck. On most days, running a wet cloth past the furniture’s exposed surface areas will do the trick. To keep oxidization away, before you clean, remove as much of the existing rust as much as possible.

    This can be done with a simple 1:1 ratio vinegar and water solution, or a metal polish paste. Use a rust-resistant primer and paint. Before you have to send the metal display in for sandblasting or powder-coating, protect them daily with a generous amount of wax – yes, the conventional one you use on a car would do.


  • Cleaning and Maintaining your Glossy Glass Displays and Furniture

    eye-catching red-white themed gajeto storefront display


  • Some people think nothing of it but cleaning your glass display units need more care than other furniture. That’s because you don’t want scratches on them and if you’re using inner lighting, the scratches, stains, and imperfections can be jarring eyesores. Use non-abrasive solvent and cleaning material to clean your glass displays is par for the course.

    Try not to use harsh chemicals if it can be helped, which includes avoiding the use of scrub brushes. We know hard water stains (those white, hazy spots) are hard to deal with and are tough to remove but you can use acid-based cleaning solvent to breakdown the alkaline-based buildup.

    Look for cleaning products with phosphoric, hydrochloric, or sulfuric acid. A more natural ingredient is…yes, vinegar (because it is acidic). It’s natural, non-toxic, and effective yet gentle. Many experts would advise against using commercial glass and window cleaning ingredients on your glass display units and furniture.



Maintaining the Smooth, Soft shine of Leather

Being a natural material, leather is age pretty naturally and gracefully over time if kept in good condition. It lasts prolifically long (for generations in some families) and is pretty easy to care for, thanks to its ability to withstand both cold and hot temperatures well.

Every day, run a wet cloth over the leather’s surface area and stay away from harsh solvents, cleaners, polish, oil, varnish or ammonia water. If you have to, use it sparingly. Leather is a natural material, so, using natural cleaning agents (or almost no commercial cleaning products) on them is your best bet.

Once a week or fortnightly, apply good quality leather conditioner over the leather surface and that’s it!

Natural Cleaning Tips and Tricks for Office, Showroom & Retail

  1. Mix a 1:1 ratio of white vinegar/lemon juice and warm water, pour them into an empty spray bottle and keep it at the ready. Make a run through the store, cleaning up the displays with a quick spritz from the bottle and wiping the surface up with a clean cloth every day.


  2. Warm the solution up (without the cap!) in a microwave oven before using the solution to clean your glass, metal or wood displays.


  3. Technology is on our side, so, make full use of it. In the market, you’ll find innovative cleaning pads and non-scratchy sponges instead of the conventional rough scrubs. I know this might take more time compared to using harsher commercial cleaning agents, but you’ll be extending the lifespan of your display units, shelves, and furniture this way. AND it’s totally worth the effort.


  4. As soon as you spot hard stains forming on your glass displays, get right to it! Don’t wait. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to remove the hardened residue. This is why regular wiping and general maintenance is recommended.


  5. Consider natural cleaning solvent recipes using baking soda, vinegar and…yes, toothpaste. Apply a small amount of regular toothpaste to a wet towel and rub the toothpaste over the stain in a circular motion. After a couple of minutes, rinse it off with either warm water or vinegar-water solution. 

We hope that these cheap and neat tips and tricks to cleaning and maintaining the store display units and furniture in your home, office, retail outlet, or showroom will prove useful because we are intent on helping you make the most of them all. 

They’re meant to be good long-term investments that help you gain ground on your business or impress your guests when they visit your office, store or home. 

As you can see, upkeeping and maintaining the display units and furniture don’t often involve any form of splurging. Only when they’re left unattended over time, the help of a professional may be required.

So, don’t wait to get the elbow grease on every day to keep your retail outlet display units from expiring before they’re meant to.

To find out more about reliable, professional, affordable, and top quality store display units, we invite you to visit,, or hit us up on our social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or Linkedin. We love connecting with people who share ideas with us as much as we do them!


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