Smart Gear Foldable Display System

Smart Gear is all about portability, durability, convenience and effective graphic and product displays. It’s arguably the easiest and most popularly used system for exhibitions and promotions. With this gear edge folding system there is no longer a need to use tools, screws and clips to set up and take down your displays. It’s that simple and easy! What’s more our standard models are made with sizes when folded can fit into any car, making it effortless and economical to take these units around!

Some of our standard models on:

Foldable Display Boards

12 panel display board with printing

6 panel display board with attached counter & header

6 panel display board with full headers with slat board add on

4 Panel Display Board with Detachable Showcase

8 Panel Display Board without headers

8 Panel Display Board with full printing

Foldable Counters & Display Showcases

Rectangular promotion counter

Promotion Counter with header board 

Hexagonal promotion counter with full printing

Hexagonal Showcase

Rectangular Showcase

Two-tiered Information Counter